Dagger Kiss

Arden is devastated by the death of her true love, Mia, and tormented by the powers of dark magic with which she has been cursed. She leaves her home world to travel to Earth, in pursuit of...

Country: USA

Duration: 10 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.4

Season 1 - Dagger Kiss
"Dagger Kiss - the adventure begins! Arden and Mia are two young lovers who are attacked, awakening a dark force in Arden. Years later, Arden is rescued by a tough, mysterious stranger named Katia, and together they embark on a magical quest."
"Katia introduces Arden to a strange new land - Earth. Lord Zareth and his lightener Jenna plot to intercept Arden in her plans involving a mysterious object known as the Aegis."
"Arden remains secretive as Katia continues to help her on her quest. As the two women begin to know one another, Zareth and Jenna plot to stop them."
"Due to Jenna and Yamin's misdeeds, Arden's dark secret is revealed. Katia learns the truth of where Arden is from and the reason she has journeyed to Earth."
"With her roommate murdered, Katia searches for answers. Arden's sorceress friend Evangeline comes to earth to help in the quest to protect the Aegis."
"While hiding out in a foreclosed house, Arden and Katia unlock the secrets of the Aegis, and with it their mutual attraction."
"Now that Arden and Katia have revealed their true feelings for one another, all seems well. But Zareth and Jenna use a tracking spell to find them."
"With Katia wounded, Arden finds herself at the mercy of the evil Lord Zareth and his associate Jenna. Will Katia battle through to save Arden? Will Arden escape Zareth's clutches? Or will Zareth convince Arden to help him in his plan to conquer both worlds?"